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About myself

I'm an enthusiastic iOS developer, always eager to expand my skill set and explore the unknown.

With several years of experience developing iOS applications for major corporations and personal projects, I strive to deliver great user experiences supported by long-lasting, maintainable code.

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About my work

I started my journey at the Apple Developer Academy. With mentoring given by Apple, I was tasked with building Swift applications using the latest iOS frameworks and agile methodologies in a challenge-oriented environment with multiple self-managing teams. I published two apps to the App Store.

As a consultant at Itaú, I developed features, integrated frameworks and participated in code reviews throughout eight applications in order to improve the mobile banking experience for 1M+ monthly active users.

In Carrefour, Brazil's largest retail corporation, I'm working with an awesome team to develop and release Meu Carrefour. I have released app builds to App Store, greatly improved stability and made numerous performance improvements.

Specific details can be found at my LinkedIn, available below.

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About WWDC

I’ve created Exploring Natural Language, a Swift playground that explains core Natural Language Processing (NLP) concepts using machine learning and showcases Apple’s new Natural Language framework through a visually appealing experience.

I'm proud and still thrilled to have been awarded a WWDC Scholarship by Apple as a result of sharing knowledge worldwide; attending the conference and watching impressive talks by engineers that build the frameworks upon which I rely on.

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Some of my older pet projects

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Managing personal finances in a safe and friendly manner.

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Thumbnail do projeto Exploring Natural Language

Exploring Natural Language

Explaining NLP through Machine Learning and a visually appealing experience.

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Doom Fire Algorithm

Using SpriteKit to recreate the fire algorithm used in Final Doom.

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