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The one about myself

I’m a software developer who loves writing Swift code to solve real world problems. I’ve been part of the Apple Developer Academy in São Paulo for about two years and I focus on developing iOS applications using current technologies and agile methodologies.

My goal is to change the world in a small, albeit meaningful way by creating experiences which affect people’s lives.

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The one about WWDC

I’ve created Exploring Natural Language, a Swift playground that explains core Natural Language Processing (NLP) concepts using machine learning and showcases Apple’s new Natural Language framework through a visually appealing experience.

I submitted this project to the WWDC19 Scholarships program and it was accepted. As a reward, I got to attend WWDC19 with my travel expenses covered by Apple and meet the engineers who built the frameworks we use daily.

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Thumbnail do projeto Exploring Natural Language

The one about my work

Over the last two years, I have built numerous iOS apps, some of which are publicly available on my GitHub. I currently have two projects on the App Store: a chatbot that helps managing personal finances in a safe and friendly manner named Jorge and a platform for sharing academic events named Eventou.

I have experience with technologies such as ARKit, DialogFlow, GitFlow, Google Firebase, Node.js, and many more.

The one with the projects

Thumbnail do projeto Jorge


Managing personal finances in a safe and friendly manner.

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Thumbnail do projeto Exploring Natural Language

Exploring Natural Language

Explaining NLP through Machine Learning and a visually appealing experience.

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Thumbnail do projeto Doom Fire Algorithm

Doom Fire Algorithm

Using SpriteKit to recreate the fire algorithm used in Final Doom.

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